CarGo October Car Wash Special

Free Car Wash Coupon With CMH Parking

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Park CarGo – Terminal Drop-Off Valet and Get a Free Car Wash!

It’s time to treat your car and yourself to an upgrade. Enjoy the premium experience that our CarGo terminal drop-off valet service has to offer and while you’re away your car will be treated to an exterior pressure wash. The best part about it? The car wash is on us!
How It Works:

    1. Print the coupon below or save it to your smart phone.
    2. On the day of your departure, drive to the facility and meet one of our attendants in the valet area.
    3. Show the attendant your coupon. They will jump in your passenger seat and drive with you to the airport
    4. On your drive over, they will check you in, create your ticket and make note of your car wash service.
    5. Upon arrival at the airport, the attendant will assist you with your luggage and drive your vehicle back to the facility.

IMPORTANT: There’s no need to book a reservation or book car care services for this stay. Please just drive in and use the coupon. You will receive the $11.95/ day online rate with this coupon. Offer expires on 10/31/18 and is for CarGo customers only.
Get the Coupon