OhPark Car Care Services

While you’re away, let us pamper your ride. OhPark’s high quality car care services are not only convenient, they’re affordable, too! It’s just another way that we provide you with the best value in Columbus Airport Parking.

Please review our menu below, and when you reserve your space, you’ll will have the opportunity to select your car care services at checkout.

OhPark Car Care Services

Wash and Detail

High Pressure Exterior Wash
Our state-of-the-art brushless wash will blast dirt and grime off of your vehicle. A great wash at a great price!   $14.95

Exterior Hand CarWash
Back by popular demand, our Exterior Hand Wash will have your ride looking great for your return. For only $5 more than our High Pressure Exterior Wash, we’ll prep your vehicle, which will be hand-washed and towel-dried (including door jams). We’ll also fnish with wheel brightener and a tire shine application.  $19.95

Complete Wash
Also back by popular demand, our Complete Wash is our most popular offering. It includes your vehicle prepped, hand-washed and towel-dried (including door jams). We’ll also get your tires shiny and bright with our wheel brightener and tire shine. If that’s not enough, we’re also going to vacuum the interior of vehicle, including carpeted areas. All non-carpeted mats will be wiped, and the windows, door jams and dashboard will be cleaned.   $39.95

Exterior Car Detail
Our Exterior Car Detail is a professional detail including a complete exterior wash service, along with a complete waxing of the vehicle. We will also clean the wheels, dress the tires, remove those nasty bugs and that sticky tar, we’ll clean the door jams and clean all vehicle glass with a streak-free fnish.   $134.95 (Vans and SUVs please add $15.00)

Interior Car Detail
Our Interior Car Detail is a professional detail including an exterior wash. We will shampoo all of the carpets, seats and upholstery. Additionally we will clean and dress the door panels, the dash, and clean all glass to a streak-free shine.  $149.95 (Vans and SUVs please add $10.00)

Exterior VAN/SUV Detail
Professional Detail includes, Wash/Wax, Clean Wheels/Dress Tires, Remove Bugs/Tar, Clean Door Jams/All Glass   $149.95

Interior VAN/SUV Detail
Professional Detail includes, Exterior Wash, Shampoo Carpets/Seats/Upholstry. Clean and Dress Door Panels, Dash, Clean All Glass $159.95

Complete Car Detail
Our Complete Car Detail is a professional detail including all services outlined in our Exterior and Interior Car Detail services above. We will wash and wax the exterior, shampoo all of the carpets and the seats, clean the dash, vents, door jams and panels. We’ll clean the wheels and dress the tires, remove the bugs and tar and clean all of the glass to an absolute streakfree shine. Save money by bundling two detail services into one, and have your vehicle looking its best! $239.95 (Vans and SUV’s please add $25.00)

Complete VAN/SUV Detail
Professional Detail includes, Wash/Wax, Shampoo Carpet/Seats. Clean Wheels/Tires, Dash/Vents, Door Jams/Panels. Remove Bugs/Tar, Clean All Glass   $264.95

Oil and Lube Service

Now Offering Oil and Lube Services! OH Park is offering conventional oil and synthetic oil change services for our Valet customers.

Oil and Lube

Oil and Filter Service Conventional (Non Synthetic)
Manufacturer Recommended Oil & Filter   $64.99

Oil AND Filter Service Synthetic
Manufacturer Recommended Oil & Filter   $74.99

Washer Fluid
Will fill washer fluid tank   $5.00

Fuel Service
We will fill your gas tank at a competitive full service cost per gallon   

Glass replacement
Will call with estimate.


New Wiper Blade Installed – $49.99
Rain-X brand blade with water repellent coating